The Minitel 1B is a home Videotex terminal used in France in the 80s/90s. It was pretty popular back then, which makes finding a used one relativly easy nowadays (at least in France).

While it cannot, to my knowledge, run custom programs, but it can be used as a dedicated terminal by connecting it to another computer/raspberry pi.

DIN-5 connector pinout

The Minitel 1B has a DIN-5 connector that can be used for serial communication.

  1. Rx
  2. GND
  3. Tx
  4. PT (transmiting)
  5. Power supply (8.5V)

Logic levels

Special care should be taken when connecting to a Minitel as the Rx pin can be pulled to 15V. When using a Raspberry Pi for instance, an adapter circuit is required.

Serial parameters

Serial communication requires devices to agree on a set of parameters.


baudrate Key combination
300 Fctn+P, 3
1200 Fctn+P, 1
4800 Fctn+P, 4


Bytes transmitted to and from the Minitel 1B uses are 7 bits long followed by 1 parity bit (even).