I like to make my own notebooks. That way I'm not anxious when I write in them. It's a also good way to use old printouts.



  • Needle: a regular embrodery needle will do
  • Awl: used to punch holes in the paper. You can use the needle for that, but an awl will save your hands some pain

Good to have

  • Ruler: useful to center the holes
  • Binder clips: for keeping signatures together when punching the holes
  • Bone folder: saves your fingernails when making large books
  • Utility/craft knife: for trimming the edges of the pages at the end



  • Paper: can be specialized paper, normal copy paper, old printouts, etc.
  • Thread: waxed thread is advised, but normal embrodery floss works fine. In a pinch, regular sewing thread works too


You can do without a cover, but having one makes your books prettier and more durable. Materials that can be used for making a cover include:

  • Paperboard: can be scrapped from used notepads
  • Cardstock: binder divider, cereal boxes, etc.


saddle stitch binding

go-to technique for making small notebooks