this website

This place serves as my personal portfolio, knowledge repository, and experiment log. This digital garden was inspired by other personal websites from the webring. Its pages get edited and moved around.

Like most things I make, I built this website to learn something new, namely HTML and CSS. Therefore there might be a few wonky things here and there, but hey, it works.


These pages start as Markdown notes written with Obsidian, and are converted into HTML by a haphazardly written Python script called potoo. Images are optimized for size with ImageMagick, using tips from Dook, and GIFs are converted into smaller MP4 files with an FFmpeg script stolen from rostiger.

The fonts I use are Fredoka for the headings, and Josefin Sans for the text body.


I'm a maker/hacker/tinkerer from France who goes by ghettobastler online. My pronouns are he/him.

You can find me on the Fediverse to see what I'm up to.

If you'd like to support my work, please consider leaving me a tip.